French institute of Prague

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Development 2008-2013 :
Julien Bellegueulle (BLoBuL.CoM)

Design 2008-2012 :
Julien Bellegueulle (BLoBuL.CoM)

Design 2013:
Miroslav Roubíček

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  • Logo
  • Business cards
  • Web Design
  • Web-development

This constantly evolving website offers many features directly related to the programme of cultural and social activities: a flexible platform that adapts to current events of the Institute, smart tabs that allow visitors to click directly on the category, date or news item of their choice... The elaborate website structure makes for effective and efficient browsing, while the whimsical design adds a touch of lightness.

About the French Institute in Prague :
Originally conceived as a true French university branch, like other French institutes established in the early twentieth century, the French Institute in Prague has become a multidisciplinary cultural centre: busy, multifaceted, at the same time a centre for language teaching and a venue, a cultural partner and a platform for artistic exchange ...

Hebdomadaire du cinéma de l’Institut français de Prague :