SIX - Simon Barker

On-line presence from :
June 2012

User experience:
Noëlle Papay (BLoBuL.CoM)

Development :
Julien Bellegueulle (BLoBuL.CoM)

Project scope:

  • Design adaptation
  • Web development

This website was designed to promote the publications, media appearances and exhibitions of photographer Simon Barker, a.k.a. Six. The layout of the website is customised for each new project and updated to match perfectly with the visual identity of the current project of the artist.

About the projet :
Simon Barker, a.k.a. Six, is a photographer living in Prague. He was part of the London Punk movement and published in 2012, with Czech publishing house Divus, the book “Punk’s Dead”, which tells the story of the Punk movement in London 1976-1978.